The National Documentation Centre of Dominica is an integral part of the Library and Information Service with specific focus on identification, collection, organisation and dissemination of information geared to inform decision making within the public sector. It contains a wealth of socio-economic, development and planning information, along with some technical information of relevance to Dominica and the Caribbean.

Over the years, the Centre served as the coordinating participating Centre for regional and sub-regional information networks such as CARISPLAN, CARSTIN, CARGRIS the Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS) and OECS INFONET a computerised database established in 1987, for the dissemination of socio-economic material held in Documentation Centre in the Member States of the OCES. It has also continued in its effort to accomplish its mandate to serve as the depository for all publications of the Government of Dominica.

It was recognised as a Publication Centre for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in 1997 and in 2005 as a Focal Point for the Caribbean Trade Reference Centre in Dominica. The Centre serves as the Local Agency for the CARICOM ISBN programme and facilitates the process for Dominican authors. It continues to serve as the focal point for regional information networks and contributes to efforts of the UNECLAC Caribbean Digital Library.

Currently, the Centre continues its effort to source relevant material from Government (Ministries, Departments and Units) and private sector organisations in an effort to enhance its information capacity and ensure that it continues to provide socio-economic, development and planning information to support the information needs of decision makers within Dominica and even the sub-region.

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