The Centre is mandated to serve as a depository for ALL Government Publications and therefore encourages Government units, departments and statutory organisations to submit publications. This will ensure the retention, organisation and access to information critical for decision making by policy makers, technocrats, administrators and researchers. The following items should be deposited with the Centre.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project proposals
  • Conference papers and reports
  • Policy papers
  • Annual Reports
  • Technical reports
  • Consultants reports
  • Departmental/Ministerial Reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Speeches
  • Standards and Codes
  • Bulletins
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Media materials (DVD, CD, documents in softcopy)
  • Books (focused on aspects of sustainable, economic and social development of Dominica and the Caribbean including Latin American countries)

Method for Depositing

  • Contact Centre to organise review of materials before sending
  • Send document(s) with a letter
  • Send materials in small boxes with description of content
  • Place Centre on mailing list for receipt of publications
  • Indicate if there are required terms for use of the materials, if not the Centre will determine the classification for use of documents.

Terms for Use of Documents

Depositors may attach terms for use of documents. The following criteria may be followed to grant access to users.

General: Documents which are for general distribution and may be freely accessed by the public. Copying would be limited to 5% of total document and item may be available for loan. For example, books, reports on activities, annual reports.

Limited: Documents of which a specific number of copies are produced which are therefore not available for general distribution or documents which by the subject are not expected to have an unlimited user group. Request or permission for access has to be sought from the depositor. For example, Preliminary versions of documents

Restricted:Documents, which because of the semi-confidential nature of their content are available only to a specific user group. Sometimes distribution is restricted to members of an organisation or institution. This may include documents that have not yet been placed in the public domain.

Confidential:Documents which because of the confidential nature of their content are available only to an even smaller number of people. Sometimes the actual user group is indicated by the name of individuals or positions within an organization. Most documents in this category are retained for preservation and historical data. Documents are not available for loan.

Note:Materials on/about Dominica should NOT be destroyed without first contacting the Centre.

Depositing Procedure (PDF, 34 KB)

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