The purpose of the National Documentation Centre is to provide information for decision making. Users are encouraged to use our facilities for activities such as:

  • Research for academic and professional purposes
  • Research using the Internet and other electronic mediums
  • Asking questions and getting assistance

The Centre’s Users are encouraged to maintain the following standards:

  • Maintain an atmosphere that allows all users to focus on their research activity by
    • keeping conversation at a level, character, and length that will not disturb others
    • taking ALL Phone calls to an area outside the Reading Room
    • ensuring that phones are on silent or vibrate mode during extended use of the Centre
    • not smoking at the Centre or in any part of the premises
    • respecting each user’s privacy and waiting to be served
  • Maintain a clean environment by
    • not eating or drinking in the Centre’s Reading Room
    • respecting all furniture, computers and other resources
    • refraining from sleeping or engaging in disruptive behaviour while using the facilities
    • not entering the Centre with offensively unclean person or dress
  • Maintain the upkeep of resources by
    • Using the Centre’s Computers in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy
    • not altering or removing any items from the Centre without permission
    • not defacing, damaging or destroying the Centre’s documents

Individuals who do not keep to these standards may be asked to leave the Centre

  • Maintain Loans Guidelines
    • Reference materials are only to be used at the Centre.
    • ALL materials that are removed from the Centre must be formally checked out.
    • All materials that leave the Centre must be returned in the same condition within the timeframe specified.
    • Fines are not imposed for overdue materials.
    • Individuals will be held accountable for the replacement cost of lost, damaged, or destroyed items. Replacement cost is a minimum of EC$25.00.
  • Maintain Access Guidelines 
    Documents can only be accessed based on their stated availability as categories below:
    • General: Freely accessible by the public, available for 2-4 day loans.
    • Limited: Permission needs to be obtained from depositor(s)/creator/publisher.
    • Restricted: Restricted to personnel/group specified.
    • Confidential: Not available for loan, can only be used by group specified.

These guidelines have been designed to protect the Centre’s users, staff and materials. The Centre reserves the right to exclude a user if that user damages the Centre’s materials, injures other users, patrons or staff or disrupts services.

Use_Policy (PDF, 41KB)

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