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 A library was first opened in Grand Bay on December 14, 1959.  It operated on a part time basis. 

From 1981, the library was housed in a building on L’allée belonging to Mrs. Anne Laurent

During Hurricane David on August 29, 1979 that building was damaged and the Grand Bay library remained closed until 1981.  It was formally re-opened on Friday November 6, 1981 and operated on a part time basis – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 3-6p.m.   Miss Isabella Stuart served as Library Assistant. However during 1986 to the early 1990’s the library was closed on a number of occasions for various reasons including staffing and the condition of the building. 

In 1993 the Grand Bay Library as a Branch of the Dominica Library and Information Service (DLIS) and was formally opened on Wednesday, February 10, 1993 at a Community Complex in the village for which provision was made for a library.   Full service began on February 11, 1993.

A number of activities are carried out at the library.  These include reading sessions, children summer programme, library week activities and library skills training for students of the primary schools in the area.


Presently internet, printing and photocopying services are offered in addition to book loans and research services.

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