The Dominica Library and Information Service (DLIS) is the main arm of the public sector responsible for information service delivery and the management, coordination and development of library services within the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Under the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development that Service provides to the information needs for the entire population through three major components:  Public Library Services, Documentation and Research Services and Archival Services.

DLIS responsibilities and functions are built upon a foundation of library service that stretches as far back as 1843, with the establishment of Reading rooms and more formally with the opening of the first library on island “Victoria Memorial on April 4, 1902”.  Public library services remained the basis for library and information provision for some time with the expanding of services through the establishment of branch libraries, mobile library services and administering and supporting library services in schools throughout Dominica. 

The Service expanded in the 1990’s to include special and sectoral libraries, with the establishment of the National Documentation Centre. That service employed information systems in the management and provision of information with co-ordinated approaches to ensure the availability of information generated within Dominica and accessibility to information generated outside the country.    In 2001 the DLIS further enhanced service provision with the addition of archival services focus on educating the population regarding the importance of the nation’s documentary and historical heritage and provision of  access to material within the archival collection. 

Presently our Service focusses on information dissemination, creating and strengthen reading habits in children from an early age, promoting awareness of our documentary heritage and facilitating the development of information and computer literacy skills, with programmes and activities geared towards these goals.